Cycling Can Relieve Migraines


cycling relieve migraineDoctors at the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology University of Gothenburg believe that physical activity can produce a therapeutic effect to relieve headaches such as a migraine.

In their research, they choose the type of physical activity at random. Without comparing with other types of activity, they finally decided to analyze the benefits of cycling.

They involved 91 respondents who had migraine disorder for several months in an experiment. They wanted to investigate whether cycling has a better therapeutic effect than painkillers.

They divided the respondents into three groups. The first was the group of respondents who were given pain medication, the second group of respondents was engaged in casual therapy program, and the last group was active on a bicycle.

The result showed that all respondents in the three groups improved conditions in 3-4 months.

According to Genius Beauty, the benefits of cycling can be explained by the fact that the motion could trigger a relaxation to relieve stress and to improve sleep quality. These conditions support the recovery of the tension of the pulsating pain in one part of the head.