Daily Skin Care Routine Tips


Daily Skin Care RoutinePeople always suggest that you should use this in your daily facial skin care routine, and you should use in your daily body skin care routine and sometimes it just gets a little confusing. In all honesty, you will probably go through a ton of products and different routines till you get one that works for you, but there are essentials. There are two different products you need in your daily facial or body skin care routine, for a more specific area (like eyes or neck) you can add the products on.

First, you need a good facial cleanser. This is especially important when you are prone to break outs and acne. You want to fight the bacterium that causes pimples before they become pimples. How do you do this? Well with a facial cleanser that acts as an antiseptic while not harshly reacting with your skin. The healthiest facial cleanser for anybodies skin would be a organic cleanser, but if you cannot find a fully organic cleanser that is within your reach or price limit, here are a few ingredients that you should look for. Tangerine Oil is a fantastic antiseptic and antioxidant that when applied to a facial cleanser really makes your skin shine. Also, tangerine oil has a very unique quality of being able to help absorb the nutrients it needs while blocking out the toxins. So in use with another ingredient that provides nutrients, the skin will absorb 100% instead of like 75% of its food. Examples of common ingredients that are considered “skin food” are Shea Butter (full or nutrients to soothe and firm skin) and Chamomile oil ( a natural anti inflammatory). Any of the above ingredients used in a daily facial cleanser will help in cleaning your face up; all three in the same facial cleanser, you will be floored by the results.

Second, after application of the facial cleanser, it is moisturizer time.  This is important because if no moisturizer is used, the hydrating qualities of the facial cleanser or just simply the shower water will be lost within the hour. Moisturizers are known to as like barriers against water escaping your body, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. For the best moisturizer, check out the same ingredients a facial cleanser. The only exception will be that you will not be focusing on the antiseptic qualities like a facial cleanser, you will be focusing on the hydrating, moisturizing qualities of the ingredient. For you Shea Butter should be your number one ingredient. When applied to skin, Shea Butter is known to melt at body temperature leaving you with no greasy residue. This also means that it is sucked into your skin at a rapid rate, working to treat your dry itchy skin almost immediately. Shea butter also has natural protective properties so it does exactly what a moisturizer should do, keep the moisture in. Chamomile Oil in combination with Shea makes one of the best combinations in skin care.

So we have cleanse and then moisturize. Seems simple enough but you would be surprised at how many people do not do this. They either do not use a facial cleanser, they do not use a moisturizer, or they say to heck with them both. You got to keep trying until you find that perfect cleanser or moisturizer and have the routine down pat. I promise you that if you just do at least the above to steps, you will notice a great improvement in your skin.