Dangers of Baldness in Men


baldness dangerMany men lose self-confidence if they experience thinning hair in certain areas as they get older. This syndrome occurs in 95% of men who goes bald at the age of 20-50 years.

According to Pat F. Bass II, MD, MPH, health expert from Louisiana State University, U.S., a clear sign of the typical male baldness pattern can be seen from the decline of the hairline, the growth of baldness point in the center of the hair, or on both. In general, men who begins to experience baldness early tend to lose hair faster and more than those who begin to go bald at further age.

So what causes this? “Male baldness pattern is a special pattern that is caused by hormonal changes and heredity. Baldness occurs due to the shrinkage of hair roots that produce shorter and softer hair. The end result of this situation is very small hair root, that have no hair.”

However, men should not only fear that baldness can interfere with appearances, but this condition turned out to also be an indication of heart disease. Especially, if baldness begins to occur at younger ages.

A study found that men who have lost hair on top of their heads, have the the risk of heart disease by 40 percent. Meanwhile, men with hair loss at the front of their head (receding hair lines) can also be at risk of heart attack by 28 percent, according to Dailymail.

Problem of baldness and hair loss in men is related with testosterone. Baldness in men is a sign of hypersensitivity to testosterone, which kills the follicle. Hypersensitivity to testosterone also cause damage to cells around the heart.

So, if you start having problems of hair loss and baldness, you should stop smoking, maintain a healthy diet, do regular checks of blood pressure and exercise regularly.