Dangers of tooth decay in Pregnant Women


Dangers of tooth decay in Pregnant WomenTooth decay or cavities in women who are pregnant can harm the fetus because it triggers premature birth.

“In pregnant women, germs that come from cavities stimulate the hormones that trigger early contractions which feared cause premature birth,” said dentist Rini Anggraini Zaura.

She also added that preterm birth in infants could potentially adversely affect a baby to have a low body weight.

“This is another adverse effect of cavities in pregnant women,” she said.

Therefore, Rini confirms the importance for pregnant women to keep their teeth clean and healthy during pregnancy.

She warned, cavities will not only make your teeth rot but this can cause further inflammation of the gums. Bleeding gums can be a sign that there are germs and inflammation.

“So if you find blood on your toothbrush, do not just stop brushing teeth, but you should  continue, because it is a  sign of germs,” she said.