Danish women are most fit in Europe, what are their secret?


Danish women are most fit in EuropeA survey revealed that Danish women has the best average fitness compared to women form other European countries. What’s their secret?

Based on the result, women in Denmark are more active than women in Germany, France, Sweden, or even England. Only one in five Danish women are not quite active in everyday life.

Approximately 34 percent of Danish women admitted they did like exercising. This figure is relatively small compared with the number in Germany which is 44 percent, Sweden 47 percent, France 52 percent and England 54 percent.

The result was obtained through a survey of 6,172 adults in Europe aged 18-64 years, as reported by the NY Daily News (08/03).

Based on World Health Organization recommendations, adults should do at least 150 minutes of physical activity a day. This could include gardening, cleaning the house, walking, and more.