Dark Chocolate Can Lower Cholesterol of Diabetics?


Dark Chocolate lowers cholesterol of diabeticsAntioxidant content in dark chocolate has long been known to have significant benefits for the heart. The latest research reveals that dark chocolate could lower cholesterol levels in people with diabetes mellitus.

People with diabetes often have high cholesterol levels. It is known that high cholesterol in the blood is one factor that makes a person affected by heart disease and stroke. A study at Hull University found that people with diabetes who ate dark chocolate experience decreased levels of cholesterol.

They found polyphenols in dark chocolate is one factor that can lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. The research involved 12 people with diabetes mellitus. By a team of experts, patients were asked to consume polyphenol-rich dark chocolate for 16 weeks.

As a result, there was a slight increase in total cholesterol, with reductions in bad cholesterol and increase of good cholesterol. “Chocolate contains high kokoal should be part of the consumption patterns of people with diabetes,” said Professor Steve Atkin, according to BBC.

Nevertheless, researchers at Diabetes UK do not want to rush to recommend dark chocolate to frequently consumed by diabetics. Because the fat and sugar content in dark chocolate can aggravate diabetes.