Dark Circles – Causes and ‘Fillers’ as Treatment


Dark CirclesDark circles can be called as common dermatological condition found in both men and women of all ages. They are represented by the presence of dark circular patches around the eyes or just below the eyes. Though dark circles are seen as circular patches, some suffer from puffiness and swelling along with thedark circles. Technically it is called as ‘per orbital hyper pigmentation’, which occurs due to the excess production of melanin around the eyes in many. The loss of fat under the eyes called as “Hollowing of the tear trough” also leads to dark circles. But there are many other factors that cause dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes with puffiness

Causes of Dark Circles

Dark circles are mostly seen in older people. But even it is seen in younger people at times. Here are the causes:

•    Congenital factors play a major role as there is an inherent transparency of the skin.

•    People with deep bony structures are prone to it as there is a possibility of shadowing underneath their eyes.

•    Certain diseases and allergic reactions like ‘hay fever’, ‘asthma’, ‘eczema’ and other kinds of food allergies.

•    Certain medications given for thinning of blood vessels.

•    Common in people who are anemic.

•    Fatigue and sleeplessness.

Treating Dark Circles with Fillers

Nowadays dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons recommend a treatment called ‘Fillers’, which do not take more than a few minutes, depending upon the area to be filled, where hyaluronic dermal fillers are injectedunder the eyes in a procedure. These fillers fill in the hollow cavities under the eyes that are created due to loss of fat and correct the contours of the eyes. But it should be done by a professional oculoplastic surgeon, who has several years of experience in the field. The filler is usually injected deep under the muscle rather than into the superficial layers of the skin. If the procedure is not done by a professional then it may lead to puffiness of the eyes or may lead to extreme bleeding and bruising, as the skin and tissues are of extremely thin nature.

Many doctors prefer treatment with fillers, as they provide a very minimally invasive temporary treatment that adds volume and smoothness to ones skin and the result lasts up to a year. The fillers that are available are non-biodegradable and are better compared to the fat and collagen fillers. As these fillers are mostly non-animal based they have one of the biggest advantages by not transmitting any infection or diseases from animals. Even though fillers don’t need any pre-testing, many doctors recommend it, to avoid any complications after the procedure. But, after the procedure there may be redness or swelling seen in the area for up to two days, which would slowly subside automatically afterwards. Results may vary depending on the age, skin type, lifestyle, etc.

Patients receiving filler injections should not take any Aspirin or any other Vitamin E based medications as there is a possibility of an infection or swelling. Before undergoing the procedure, one must speak with their plastic surgeon and dermatologists about the procedure and the future effects.

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