Daydreaming makes you age fast

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You need to reduce the habit of daydreaming. Because a recent study mentions that daydreaming cause a certain impact on the physical condition.

As quoted from Prevention, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, investigated telomeres. Telomeres like a lid at the end of chromosomes that protect the genetic material from damage.

Over the years, telomere is used as a benchmark to characterize aging in humans. Telomeres become shorter with age, and short telomeres increase the risk of disease and death.

To ensure the link between daydreaming with the size of telomeres, researchers recruited 239 educated women over the age of 50 years. From this analysis, it was proven that people who like to daydream tend to have short telomeres. Why is that?

Apparently daydreaming habit can not be underestimated. Because feeling not happy is the main trigger why someone daydreams. It is easy to think of other things rather than something that makes a person hurt.

“You better find a way to solve the problem and the stuff that bothers the mind rather than daydream,” researchers wrote in the Clinical Psychological Science journal.

Previously, a similar study has also been conducted by experts from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. According to them, anxiety disorder also makes the telomeres shorten and speed up the aging of a person. It was also known that daydreaming cause memory loss.

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