Deadly swine flu virus attacks the United States


Deadly swine flu virus attacks the United StatesA deadly swine flu virus in young pigs, one of which had never been seen before in North America, is now spreading rapidly to the states of the USA. This time the virus has spread to 13 states with more than 100 cases of infected small pigs.

This virus does not attack pigs who are old or other animals, but so far little pigs are exposed to the risk of the virus increased by 50 percent and could continue to increase up to 100 percent, according to researchers who deals with this case, as reported by Reuters (18/06).

Known as Porcine Epodemic Diarrhea Virus, the virusĀ is expected to have the same genetic structure with the virus that hit China last year. Since it was found in China in 2010, the PEDV virus had killed more than a million pigs, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s Emerging Infectious Disease Journal.

According to researchers, this virus has no danger to humans or other mammals. Pigs infected with the virus are known to be safe for human consumption. Until now it is not known whether the spread of the virus is associated with the emergence of cirus in Asia or Europe.