Delaying Pregnancy Increases Risks of Death


pregnancy delayNot only in developing countries, the death of women during pregnancy and childbirth in developed countries is also an issue. In Britain, the fatality rate case continues to rise due to delay of pregnancy and poor service in hospitals.

According to the Telegraph, the delaying of pregnancy increases the risk in childbirth. While poor service may include error analysis of the condition of pregnant women, fetuses and safety priorities so that the mother’s health is neglected.

Catherine Nelson-Piercy, professor of content specialists from King’s College London, added that an increased risk of pregnancy and childbirth also can not be separated from weight factor. It is related with the postponement of pregnancy as older women tend to suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and clogged arteries.

While the most plural of health problems that increase the risk of death of pregnant women is heart and nerve diseases. “When there is a decrease in general mortality rates since 1950, deaths related to pregnancy actually increased,” she said in the British Medical Journal.

A number of deaths of pregnant women and those giving childbirth occur due to indirect factors. Data of the Center for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE) reveals that 261 women in Britain died during the period of 2006 -2008. A total of 154 of them died due to indirect factors, including infections and diseases associated with pregnancy delays.

The addition of the number of obstetricians and training of general practitioners are expected to help pregnant women to see the major problem during the delivery process like breathing difficulties, headaches and stomach aches. This is important that there are no misdiagnose. “Failure of diagnosis results in inappropriate treatment.”