Dental Health is Related to Dementia


teeth health linked with dementiaThe latest research shows that people with fewer amount of teeth are more at risk of mild stage dementia (senility). Head of the British Dental Health Foundation Dr Nigel Carter said that he had tested 4,200 Japanese participant aged over 65 years old. All participants were then given dental and psychological examinations.

According to Carter, the study concludes the existence of a link between poor oral health and decrease of one’s ability to remember. “We already know that dental health affects health of the body as a whole,” said Carter, according to medical news today.

Carter pointed out heart disease, diabetes and lung disease which are all associated with poor dental health. “And this latest finding shows the existence of other factors which are at risk due to poor dental health,” said Carter.

Research Investigator Dr. Nozomi Okamoto explained that the infection of the gums that can result in teeth loss, produces a substance that can cause inflammation. “That in turn increases inflammation in the brain that causes nerves to die and accelerate senile,” said Okamoto.