Depressed People Eat More Chocolate


depressed eat chocolate Health Tips – Someone may worry if all a sudden eats a lot of chocolate. Not just the fear of getting fat, but because it is likely that the person is experiencing depression.

According to AOL, a research conducted by experts from the University of California, proved that people who are depressed tend to eat more chocolate. The study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine April 26 edition.

Researchers studied 931 male and female participants who were not taking antidepressants. Participants whose test showed high levels of depression, eats chocolate as much as 8.4 servings each month. While those who are not depressed only eats chocolate as much as 5.4 servings per month.

The highest levels of depression experienced by participants who ate 11.8 servings of chocolate every months. This result is surprising, because some previous studies of chocolate states that is a food that can boost your mood.

A psychiatric expert from the University of California, Christos Ballas gives a cold response to the findings. According to him, there are many factors why the depressed participants chose to eat chocolate.

“Who knows how severe the depression they experience of they don’t eating chocolate. People who are depressed may know what’s good for them and they use chocolate for self-medication,” said Ballas.

The researchers themselves admit that the relation of chocolate with the psychological effects brought is very complex, so that it needs further research. It can not be concluded whether chocolate can overcome depression, or could be the trigger.

Similar opinion was also expressed by Dr. Gregory Simon of the Group Health Research Institute. He believes that people who are depressed will choose food according to his appetite. Choosing chocolate is the same as choosing sweets or fatty foods, there is no special benefits besides fulfilling appetite.