Cancer can be detected through saliva


cancer can be detected through salivaA simple test that can predict breast or prostate cancer will be coming soon about five years from now. The tests were estimated worth five pounds sterling uses saliva or blood that can detect a person’s cancer risk.

With this test, it is expected more and more tumors are detected early and reduce the risk of dying from cancer.

Currently, saliva tests developments are still being studied by experts from Cancer Research UK. Results from these studies are also expected to lead to new cancer drug discovery and screening test for ovarian cancer.

“We’re trying to enter an era in which cancer can be detected quickly and precisely to prevent deadly health risks,” said Dr Harpal Kumar, Cancer Researcher, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

100,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer, prostate, and ovarian cancers every year. However, the inspection methods that have been used to detect cancer does not really help effectively and efficiently.

The results of these studies are then reported in five different journals, one of which is Nature Genetics.

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