Detect Chronic Diseases Through Hand Condition


hand condition detect diseaseThe body often gives visual clues related to your health conditions. Besides through the eyes, tongue, urine, and skin, you can detect health problems by observing changes in your hand condition.

Small changes that occur on the palms, nails and fingers gives hints of the possible health problems you do not expect. Recognize the fundamental changes that needs to be aware of, as quoted by the Times of India.

Sweaty palms
It may also occur when you are in a reasonable state of anxiety or nervousness. However, if it appears at any time without clear causes and difficult to control, it can be you are experiencing thyroid gland disorders or heart disease.

The emergence of uncontrolled sweating in the palms of the hand could be caused by an overactive thyroid gland, causing an increase in metabolism. Making the body burn excess calories that lead to increased body temperature and sweating uncontrollably in certain body parts.

Reddened palms
Conditions of reddened palms could be a sign of liver disorders. This may be due to dilation of blood vessels in response to hormonal imbalance triggered by liver damage.

Changes of the color of the palms generally appear around the wrist from the base of the thumb and little finger. In addition to liver disorders, this conditions also often gives clues of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disorders.

Hand shaking
All people must have felt the shaking in their hands. Naturally, when in a state of anxiety, panic, or fatigue of holding heavy loads. It would be unnatural if the shaking is without cause and difficult to control.

Sensing uncontrollable trembling  in the hands could be an early warning of Parkinson attack, a disease that affects the nervous system like muscle movement disorders of the body. Do not delay to consult a doctor if you experience this problem.

Nail color change
Nails that are healthy tend to have a light pink color. If you see the color nails showing greenish yellow tinge, aware of the possibility of fungal infections. In certain cases, such discoloration can also be an early sign of lung disease.

While brownish stains, such as moles on line nails can be an indication of psoriasis skin disease. Whatever it is, the point is you should not put off health problems to consult a doctor if you notice unusual changes in the nails.

Spoon-shaped nails
Healthy nail conditions generally is shaped slightly curved with the position of the nails pointing downwards. So, if your nails look opposite or concave upward like a spoon, immediately consult a doctor because the symptoms indicate iron deficiency or anemia.

Brittle nails that seem unnatural can also be a sign of more serious health problems such as lung cancer and heart disease.

Appears bump on finger
If you see a small bump near the attachment of the nail on a finger, it can be early signs of osteoarthritis. Lumps that may arise due to loss of joint space so that the joints swell as form new bone. Women are more prone to the condition.

Dry hand skin
This condition often provide early clues of thyroid disorder that trigger loss of skin moisture. It could also indicate the occurrence of allergies or skin sensitivity disorders caused by the use of certain cosmetic products.