Detox Diet is Useful for 5 Body Parts


detox dietThe body is actually able to remove toxins and build its own detoxification system such as in the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. But detox diets can also be useful in at least 5 parts of the body.

A successful detox diet can help the liver and gallbladder, and stimulates the lymphatic system. Detox diet also helps purify the blood, eliminates liquids, increase body heat and improve bowel movement. For these reasons, detoxification of the body can also help women in their weight loss efforts.

Well, here are 5 parts of the body that get the benefits of detox diets:

1. Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system drain excess fluid from the body’s tissues. In lymph nodes, foreign material and infection of the clear liquid is filtered before entering the blood.

Lymphatic system which is not right ate characterized by swollen eyes, swollen ankles, fluid retention, skin or eyes dull. Getting rid of excess fluid can also help women lose weight.

To help stimulate the lymphatic system, herbs such as ginger, oregano, cayenne pepper and rosemary can be used. Regular exercise will also help by increasing the activity of lymph and burn excess body weight.

2. Liver
The liver is the hardest working organ in the body during the detoxification process. One of its tasks is to change the body wastes such as ammonia and toxins that are produced when the body breaks down protein. The liver also break down toxins such as drugs, alcohol, food toxins and other harmful substances.

Herbs and foods that can help detoxify the liver include dandelion root, parsley, apples, olive oil, cucumbers and onions.

3. Urinary System
To help the process of excretion, a healthy urinary system is very important. Food and exercise can help speed up the disposal of the body through urine. Formation of urine will help remove water retention that causes weight gain.

Foods and spices that can help detoxify the urinary system are such as dandelion, Lovage, nettle, parsley, asparagus, cucumber and onion.

4. Circulatory system
A healthy circulatory system can increase blood circulation and help provide oxygen and nutrients to the body. It also increases body heat and perspiration, which burn calories and release water to lose weight.

For these reasons, detox diet focuses on blood purification. Foods that can help purify the blood, such as garlic, scallions, shallots, garlic and dandelion leaves. Meanwhile, to increase body heat and perspiration use calendula, thyme, mustard and green tea.

5. Bowel movement
To lose weight, you should encourage the stomach to work eliminating accumulated toxins and other substances in the body. Therefore, defecates often associated with weight loss.

In a detox diet, herbs and foods that have a laxative effect, among others are burdock, dock root, olive oil and aloe vera juice. Regular exercise will also stimulate a healthy bowel.

Source: Livestrong