Diet, Can it Affect Your Period?


dietA lot of you tend to diet just to lose some of those extra calories that make you appear fat. You desperately want to fit into one of those skinny dresses that make you look hot and appealing. In this desperation you tend to lose control on the days you diet and sometimes diet a bit too much. For some of you dieting means having food just one time in a day while for others among you dieting means cutting down on all those food substances that tend to increase the fat quotient in your body and adopt foods that are good for your health.

Some of you just stop eating when you plan on dieting. Well while dieting is definitely good, especially if you are cutting down on fats, you need to keep a check on what your body needs. This is especially true for days when you are down with periods. Probably you are unaware or so you want to be about periods. But, with the blood loss, you tend to lose out on the nutrients in your body too. You might want to do something to ensure that the lost nutrients and blood is replenished and dieting may have its own wonderful side effects too. Let’s see how diet can affect your period.

Crash Dieting Effects 
A lot of you in the moment of losing some calories tend to jump onto crash dieting. That can become a major issue in case you don’t keep a check on how crash it is. Let’s assume you are in your periods and you have just planned on crash dieting. That is fateful to your health. Firstly there is always a danger of missing a period somehow due to the dieting. Then there are the cramps that would hurt badly because you skipped food just when you needed it. Third dizziness and excessive spotting can be an obvious side effect of crash dieting. No offense, but you seriously won’t want to consider something at the cost of your health.

Normal Dieting with Exercise 
Let’s assume you are not really crashing on your diet but you are somehow managing to nibble on a few bits which is not enough. To top that you are planning on exercising which is a bad idea in itself! It’s a bad idea to trouble your body to the core during periods. You will not just happen to go underweight, in case you have not already begun noticing it; you will also be interrupting the functions of your hormones which means body imbalance issues. You would start undergoing major stress issues which would you’re your body to stop performing eventually.

Aggressive Routines with Dieting 
That’s the worst way to think of losing some weight. No, you would be better off with your chubby weight. With excessive and aggressive exercising you are actually making way for some illness to drop by in. You are even calling in some stressful moments for you. While you might feel that you will be losing some weight and probably bringing in some fit moments, you are going to be wrong. You are actually reversing your body actions, and with the aggressive moments you are causing a menstrual imbalance. This can affect pregnancy and other issues at a later stage. So, if you are planning on exercise plus diet, try and avoid it during your periods.

source: boldsky