Diet Tips for carbohydrate fans


Diet Tips for carbohydrate fansIn the diet and weight loss dictionary, you’ll often be advised to reduce the portion of carbohydrates consumed. Because of that, most people will leave potatoes, pasta, bread, and all kinds of carbohydrate-rich foods in order to lose weight.

But if you are a fan of carbs, do not worry. Research conducted by nutrition experts suggest that carbohydrates will not make you fat. Conversely, carbohydrates will make you slimmer. How can that be? There is a diet trick that can be done by carbohydrate fans, as reported by Health Me Up (04/03).

Carbohydrates are the body needs to feel full and provide enough energy. For that, you need to choose healthy carbohydrates. The most important thing is to choose the right type of carbohydrates so that you feel full, full of energy, and can still lose weight.

Choose starchy carbohydrates or starches durable. This starch will last longer in the small intestine and makes you feel fuller. In addition, it can help you burn more fat, control blood sugar, and boost your metabolism.

Interestingly, with this diet you do not need to eliminate the foods you like. All types of food ranging from potato chips, chocolate, and more can be eaten. However, these foods must be balanced with natural foods rich in nutrients. You should also add a healthy carbohydrate-rich foods such as bananas, beans, oatmeal, or brown rice.

Rules for lovers of carbohydrate in the diet is to choose the right carbs. Eating the right carbs will help reduce 1,200 calories a day by eating four small portions of food.

Although eating less, carbohydrates will provide enough fiber to your body and help you feel full. Good luck!

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