Diet Tips For Diabetes During Pregnancy


Pregnancy demands some extra care and concern. If you are a diabetic pregnant woman, you have to be more cautious. Diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. This will put your pregnancy into the risk category due to chances of miscarriage, birth defect, stillbirth, premature birth and big baby. In most of the cases, gestational diabetes demands a simple change in your diet plan to keep the blood glucose under control.

Watch what you eat because it has a direct effect on your unborn baby. Increased blood sugar in your body will enhance insulin production by the foetus and this may ultimately result in a big baby. If you had a history of gestational diabetes during your previous pregnancy, you have to be more careful. Increased blood sugar during early pregnancy is a risk factor for your baby because it is the time when the internal organs of the foetus develop and grow.

If you have diabetes during pregnancy, your diet needs to be revised according to your specific conditions. It may be a bit difficult to make a complete change of diet when you are pregnant, especially if you crave sweet.

If you have diabetes during pregnancy, Indian diet can be a good choice. It can act as a perfect combo of taste and health, if you are wise enough to select what to eat and what not to. Here are some healthy diet tips that can be useful to you if you have diabetes during pregnancy.

Reduce sweet:
Indians can’t stay away from their crave for sweet. Most of your visitors and guests will be giving you sweets when you are pregnant. But, if you have diabetes during pregnancy, Indian diet with less amount of sugar will be the best choice.

Eat healthy:
What you eat is the major factor that determines the growth and development of your baby. Increased intake of sugar will increase the blood sugar level. This will cause increased insulin production by the foetus, resulting in a big baby.

No junk foods:
No matter how tasty your favourite junk food is, it is better to avoid it while you are pregnant. Remember that they are not intended to improve your health, but to satisfy your taste buds. The artificial taste enhancers and preservatives used in the junk food are not at all good if you have gestational diabetes.

Keep the ratio:
Don’t worry if you have gestational diabetes. You can still have tasty food! But, remember to keep the ratio in correct proportion. 60: 20: 20 is the recommended ratio for carbohydrate, protein and fat from an Indian diet. If you have diabetes during pregnancy, diet should be planned accordingly.

High fibre:
If you have diabetes during pregnancy, diet schedule should include high amount of fibre. It can be whole grains, oats beans, broccoli or atta. Fruits like watermelon are also an excellent choice to be included in your diet to provide enough fibre to your body.

Home remedies:
Indians are smart in trying effective home remedies, no matter what the problem is. There are many home remedies that you can try if you have diabetes during pregnancy. However, it is better to seek expert opinion before taking any home remedies because you may put your baby into risk otherwise.

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