Difficult to conceive? Start dieting


Start dieting

The presence of a baby would be missed for those who are married as well as with you. Because the baby is able to provide its own color in the life of your household.

After many years of marriage and have been blessed with a baby, of course you start to wonder that if there is a problem with the health of your body. If you feel this in your life, a study reported by dailymail.co.uk suggest that you start to diet and healthy lifestyle.

“It is not easy to explain, but we found that some patients who are difficult to conceive and carry a healthy lifestyle is more easier to get pregnant in the future,” said Sheena Lewis from Queen’s University Belfast. “We conclude that a healthy lifestyle is conducted to improve the quality of your health, including reducing the risk of infertility.”

Previously, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health also found that some women in the United States, which lost about 3-5 pounds of weight increase fertility. Because they found that obesity may interfere with a woman’s reproductive cycle.