Difficult to leave alcohol? Blame your DNA!



Many bad habits starts from the wrong lifestyle choices. Just like when a person is addicted to alcohol. People who are addicted to alcohol and can not be separated from the addiction of alcohol starts from excessive alcohol drinking habits. This is what most people know so far.

However, researchers revealed that alcoholism can be caused not only by their habit of drinking alcohol, but is already in the DNA! In other words, the possibility of a person to become alcoholics is already determined at birth. How can this be?

Actually, researchers have long suspected that alcohol addiction can be passed down in families. However, recent research is currently able to show that the possibility of addiction to alcohol is presented in a person’s DNA and genetics. There are people who have a certain DNA that makes it more vulnerable to the influence of alcohol and to become an alcoholic.

These results were obtained by researchers from Texas University after observing brain tissue in alcoholics and on people who do not drink alcohol. They found a set of DNA that is responsible for making a person more easily dependent to alcohol.  This nique set of DNA is only found in people who are addicted to alcohol, as reported by the Daily Mail (04/12).

“Today we find a clearer picture of how dependence on alcohol is influenced by the genetic code,” said Dr. adron harris from Texas University.

The results of this study could provide new possibilities for the treatment of alcoholics and help doctors to determine when a patient have an addiction to alcohol. This research could also provide the possibility of treatment and better handling for alcoholics who want to recover.