Difficult to quit smoking? Blame the genes!


quit smokingAlthough having a strong desire to quit smoking, but sometimes the bad habit just could not go away. Whose fault is this? It turns out that this is the work of a gene in the body, this is according to new research.

Researchers have identified a gene variant that increase the likelihood of someone being a heavy smoker in a long time. So the bad habits is not easy to be stopped.

Some 1,000 respondents were included in this study. Medical history from infant up to the age of 38 were examined. As a result, the respondents who smoked from adolescent, made certain genes have mutations that lead to addiction to cigarettes.

Until the age of 38 years, they become more addicted to nicotine. So the attempt to quit is not as easy as it seems.

“Teenagers who start smoking affects genesĀ and the addiction increase with age. So that they can not stop and will become heavy smokers,” said Dr. Daniel Belsky from Duke University, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Actually there is no specific gene that causes a person to become smokers. But if they try, the risk of gene variant increases and eventually they become addicted.

Failure to quit smoking due to gene variant is only experienced by people who had tried smoking as a teenager. So the researchers suggests that parents keep an eye on their children in order not to fall into the bad habit.

The results were then reported in the JAMA Psychiatry journal.

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