Difficulty Finding a Spouse Can Shorten a Man’s Life


lonely manLiving in a region with an unbalanced comparison of men and women could make a man stress. High competition in getting a spouse can lead to depletion of hope to be able to live long.

This is experienced by men when they entered the age which is sexually mature. Compared to men who live in areas with more balanced sex ratio, life expectancy of these men can be reduced to three months shorter.

To prove this, researchers from Harvard University conducted an observation on a number of students in Wisconsin high school who graduated in 1957. The study was conducted on an ongoing basis until the following 50 years.

In 2007, life expectancy among former students who still survived, showed a difference of about 1.6 percent. Much more Men who comes from a class with equal gender ratio are still alive, compared to men from the class with fewer girl students

Although this study does not state the reason, but social and biological factors is thought to have influence this tendency. According to Foxnews, researchers believe that the struggle to find a spouse can lead to stress that affect physical health problems.

The study, which  studied the relationship between gender comparisons with life expectancy in the human population for the first time, was published in the August edition of the Demography journal.