Diseases that often affects travelers

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Are you planning to travel to eastern countries, especially West Africa or India? If so, you should be aware of malaria and typhoid virus.

In a study of 80.000 tourists, scientists found that about 3,000 people were exposed to malaria, typhoid fever and other tropical diseases that are harmful when they returned. Even so, none of the travelers were actually exposed to the Ebola virus that is quite feared.

“Although diseases such as malaria and typhoid can be cured, but if not treated immediately and the symptoms is unknown, patients can die,” said Mogens Jensenius, researchers from the University of Oslo, as reported by the Times of India.

Jensenius and friends of researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as researchers from several European Universities, Israel, Australia, and the United States observed  82,825 tourists from Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand .

They found that approximately 3,665 patients (4.4 percent of total) have one of the 13 kinds of dangerous diseases. In total there are 13 people who died, 10 due to malaria.

Travelers who are exposed to malaria mostly traveled to West Africa, while travelers exposed to typhoid is known to go to the regions of India.

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