Diseases Which Follow Some Professions


workingSome work can sometimes cause a risk of certain diseases. Because of that you should know what disease and professions that are related.

Someone should have an excellent body condition in order to work properly and optimally. But some work can cause certain disease. There is a specific disease associated with one’s work, according to GeniusBeauty.

Carpal tunnel syndrome and a Secretary
Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually characterized by numbness on the wrist, followed by pain due to pressure from the median nerve. This condition usually happens  because a secretary often have to type and use a computer mouse. Because if someone uses a computer or typing continuously, the tendons in the wrist can injure the median nerve that is responsible for the function of the finger.

To prevent that the workplace should be used must meet the ergonomic standards of someone, so it does  not cause injury or certain health risks, and provide time for the fingers and hands to rest.

Sore throat and Teachers, broadcasters
If someone talks continuously over long periods, it can make the vocals become stressed, it causes a big strain on the vocal cords and makes the rear wall of the throat becomes dry. These conditions makes the throat more susceptible to infections and lead to illness or sore throat.

To prevent that try to reduce speakomh, breathe through your nose, gargling in the throat and also consume enough water.

Varicose veins and shopkeepers
Shopkeepers generally stand for long periods and wear high-heels. This will cause blood tissues which goes through blood vessels, causing blood vessels to swell. If the case is severe, surgery needs to be done to overcome these varices.

To prevent that do physical activity, resting at home by lying while raising the position of your feett and also try not to use heeled shoes that are too high.

Miscarriage and the flight attendant
The change of time zones, body clock disturbance, vibration and air pressure fluctuations can cause developmental disorders of pregnancy of a flight attendant. This makes a flight attendant risk of miscarriage or babies born with a defect of development.

To prevent such things, one should not work or should rest during pregnancy.