Divorce Effects on Children Growth


divorce children effectEvery divorce makes children as the primary victims. A recent study found that adverse effects on growth and development of children with divorced parents are very broad.

The studies conducted by researchers the University of Wisconsin, Madison concluded that the achievement in in math and social of children with divorced parents have fallen behind compared to others. They are also more likely to suffer from anxiety, stress and low self-esteem.

Lead researcher, Hyun Sik Kim said the adverse effects on children had started before the parents start the process of divorce.

“People tend to think that couples are involved in a marital conflict in a quite intense time time before the divorce,” says sociology PhD candidate, according to Yahoo Health.

“Children whose parents divorce will experience a negative impact even before the parents take care of the formal divorce process.”

The findings were published in the ‘American Sociological Review’, based on 3,585 data of kindergarten students through fifth grade elementary school to test the effects before, during and after divorce.

Kim compared the progress of children whose parents divorced with children from stable families.

“The negative impact is not deteriorated after divorce, although no signs of children of divorced couples can catch up with their peers, either,” explained Kim.

He associated the development setback of children with multiple factors. Among them, the stress of seeing their parents fight, life which is not stable and were forced to divide their time between parents and economic hardships of the decline in family income.

“Divorce makes parents can not focus on children. They are also prone to argue with their child. This is what can affect the development of children.”