Do not check work e-mail at home

Do not check work e-mail at home

Are you among those who never out of work, such as checking e-mail always work at home? If so, beware. This habit may be good for your work, but it is dangerous to life when personal and health.

Based on the latest research, frequently check e-mail job and work despite being at home can increase stress and a bad effect on a person’s personal life. These results were obtained after researchers conducted observations of 341 working adults, as reported by Health Site (28/02).

People are often open the e-mail job when it was at home, when they’re not supposed to focus on the job, have higher stress levels and more irritable.

“Most participants claimed to feel angry when receiving e-mail from work while at home. E-mail after work is causing problems in their personal lives of workers,” said Marcus Butts, lead researcher from the University of Texas.

But unique, the researchers also found that if the e-mail job that contains the good news, then workers will feel more happy, not angry or stressed. Even so, the effect of e-mail in the workplace on mental health and stress depends on the type of each person.

For people who want to separate the life or personal time to time to work, they will be angry and faster stress when often receive e-mail the office at home. Conversely, for those who do not separate the issues of time and work and personal lives, they just like curious about what is happening in the office and not so affected by e-mail at home jobs.

The results of a study published in the Academy of Management Journal should be noticed by many people. If you want to not feel stressed at home, you should avoid checking e-mail while at home jobs.

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