Does Birth Control Pills Really Causes Jealousy?


jealous womanContraceptives generally have side effects. One of them is birth control pills. Although its effect is different on each woman, but the side effects that can occur among others are weight gain, nausea, or even blood clots.

Not only that, women who use contraceptive pills also tend to experience more difficulty in controlling emotions, more suspicious and sometimes aggressive. Dutch scientists concluded that literally a woman who uses birth control pills becomes more jealous.

The study, involving 275 women aged 17-35 years in two groups, user groups and control groups. They were asked to share their feelings when seeing their partner with another woman.

As a result, women who take estrogen pills feel jealous much more frequently than women who uses other contraceptive methods.

According to Genius Beauty, scientists advise women to be more careful in choosing birth control pills, and consult before using contraceptives, so that contraception does not worsen their relationship.