Does Obesity As Teenagers Really Trigger Cancer?


obesity triggers cancerAs known, obesity is causes many diseases. A new study even found that obesity which is experience during adolescents over years could trigger cancer later in life.

The study found that men who are overweight or obese during adolescence, are 35 percent more likely to die from cancer due to unhealthy weight gain.

Even if they are successful in reducing weight during middle age, it will not reduce the extra risk of cancer development. Lung cancer, kidney skin, and prostate is susceptible strains of the disease experienced by people with obesity in adolescence.

A British scientist has done a research on 20 thousand men. The findings concluded that it is very important to maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

Researcher Dr Linsay Gray of the Medical Research Council (MRC), says this is the first time the impact of obesity in early adulthood raises risk of cancer found later.

High body mass index and weight assessment system has been linked to some cancers, and has always proved later on.

“It is very interesting that a higher body mass index at age 18 actually leads to the risk of cancer than a high body mass index during middle age,” says Linsay, according to the Daily Mail.

The results provide a clear message, maintaining a healthy weight can significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer.

“These findings should be a caution signal to the youth in order to maintain a healthy weight,” she added.