Don’t Choose the following day to see a doctor!


Making an appointment with your doctor should be done on the right day. Because if you do not make the right choice, the appointment might even be canceled due to your own mistakes. So when actually are the worst day to see a doctor?

As reported by MSNBC (21/01), the answer is Monday. Because according to a recent study, most patients who made an appointment with the doctor on Monday, most frequently canceled their appointment. Meeting with doctors for medical consultation failed.

Researchers from Glasgow University in Scotland analyzed the list of 4.5 million patients in the hospital. As a result, it was proved that a lot of people canceled an appointment to see the doctor on Monday.

How can this happen?
Researchers suspect that the ‘I hate Mondays syndrome’ is the cause. According to researchers, bad mood ultimately makes patients reluctant to go to the doctor and do things that are not preferred.

Interestingly, although many patients canceled a doctor’s appointment on Monday, they like to make the same schedule at the end of the week. So, you should not select Monday to see a doctor if you are also included as a person who has ‘I hate Mondays syndrome!’

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