Don’t Let Asthma Control Your Quality Of Life


Asthma sufferers certainly wouldn’t choose asthma if they had a choice but asthma doesn’t have to control an asthmatic’s way of life.

It’s all about taking the proper precautions and while non asthma sufferers would see it as a dent in their quality of life, simple fact is, to reduce asthma attack then you need to be practicing a good asthma control.

For children with asthma, obviously a close watch needs to be placed on them from either parent or guardian however for adult asthma sufferers, firstly identifying and then if possible, avoiding astma triggers is recommended. But this is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, an asthma sufferer living in an area known for high pollen count is asking for trouble. So what do you do? Do you move? Again, it’s not that easy to just up stakes and head for new terrain. The good news is there are medications available to lessen the chance of asthma attack in pollenated areas.

Cold air is a known trigger for asthma attack. A simple procedure of placing a scarfe around the nose and mouth prevents cold air reaching the lungs and this is a practice many asthma sufferers use.

Asthma sufferers need to be avoiding substances like cigarette smoke.This is just plain commonsense and in this case, enlisting support of friends and relatives who smoke to be a little more vigil in their smoking practices would certainly help. I guess though, you would need to have understanding friends and relatives.

Strong odours such as perfumes can act as an asthma trigger. Either wearing the perfume or cologne yourself or absorbing the odor from a second party should be monitored closely.

Animal hair is another known asthma symptom trigger while an area that’s sometime not paid much attention to is the work area. Depending on what type of work area it is, an outside area can expose asthma sufferers to fumes, dust and chemicals.

Allergic or allergy asthma sufferers have to be particularly careful with substances such as pollen or dust particles in the air. Most asthma sufferers will suffer from an allergic disorder of some kind. In the United States, almost 20 million people suffer from asthma with almost 50 per cent having an allergy disorder. In many instances, an asthmatic will suffer an attack despite taking all the necessary precautions and not know what caused it and most times it can be put down as an allergy asthma attack.

I know it sounds like asthma sufferers best chance of avoiding triggers is to live inside a bubble but as vigilant as the above information sounds, many asthma sufferers are applying such techniques to good effect and enjoying a good quality of life.