Don’t Place Your Toothbrush Near the Toilet

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Toothbrush Near the Toilet

Check your bathroom. Did you put your toothbrush too close to the toilet? If you did, immediately move it because toothbrushes  which is put too close to the toilet is risky for germs contamination.

Millions of people risking their health by putting their toothbrush near the toilet. They should realize that one of the places that contain various kinds of germs is the toilet.

Researchers from Lloydspharmacy tells when the toilet flushed, the bacteria can spread into the air for 2 hours before falling to the floor. It is possible that these bacteria sticks to the surface of the toothbrush which could enter the body when people use it. Therefore toothbrush placed near the toilet is very susceptible to bacterial contamination.

Germs can fly as far as 1 meter from the toilet after flushing, especially if the toothbrush is not covered or protected well.

Research from Manchester University revealed that more than 100 million bacteria can live in one toothbrush, such as E. coli, staphylococci, and fungi Candida Streptoccocus.

“One of the symptoms that can arise is the stomachache after brushing your teeth, there is a posibility there are bacterias on the surface of the toothbrush,” said Louise Baglole, oral health experts from Lloydspharmacy, as quoted from the Telegraph, Wednesday (3/3/2010).

Always try to keep the toothbrush in a clean and dry place, the air in the bathroom is very humid which is perfect for microorganisms. It would be better if you could put a toothbrush outside the bathroom.

In addition you should remove the water in the brush before protecting it with a toothbrush cover.


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  1. I read that keeping your toothbrush at least 25 feet from the bathroom is required to keep it away from harmful bathroom germs. Even if the toothbrush is kept somewhere regarded as safe by most people; such as the medicine cabinet or under a toothbrush cover, the germs can still penatrate those small crevices. If the toothbrush is anywhere within 25 feet of the bathroom, a person may as well be brushing with toilet water.

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