Drinking 2 Glasses of Alcoholic Beverage a Day Can Trigger Cancer Risks


alcohol dangerAlcohol is often warned by experts to be dangerous for the body and could cause various diseases. Even two glasses of alcohol alone can increase the risk of cancer.

A study has shown that drinking two glasses or more of alcoholic drinks per day can significantly increase the risk of some cancers.

Previously, guidelines for the NHS (National Health Service) England declared that men should not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day, while women should not be more than one unit in a day.

But a new research has found the risk of cancer can be increased even at a lower level than the level that has been recommended in the NHS guidelines.

“Our data suggest that many cases of cancer could be avoided if alcohol consumption is limited to two drinks of alcohol per day in men and one alcoholic beverage per day in women, which is the recommendation of the health organization,” explained the researchers, according to the Times of India.

But the researchers also explained that more cancer cases could be prevented if people want to reduce the intake of alcohol at lower levels of the recommended guidelines for the NHS or even stop drinking alcohol at all.

Esophageal cancer, pharyngeal cancer and voice box cancer are the most commonly caused by alcohol, followed by liver cancer.

This study has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).