Drinking alcohol can increase your energy?


Drinking alcohol can increase your energyAlcohol is always synonymous with resulting negative effects on the body. Alcohol can cause damage to the liver and brain. However, surprisingly, a study showed that drinking alcohol could provide energy to the brain.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that consuming a lot of alcohol can raise levels of acetate in the brain. This situation is then interpreted as an additional energy to the body. This possibility could explain why stopping alcohol addiction becomes very difficult.

The results were found after researchers from yale University, Graeme Mason, looked at people who consume eight glasses of alcohol per week. They have more energy because of high acetate levels in the brain.

Acetate is a metabolic product of alcohol commonly found in vinegar. Once the alcohol is processed and issued acetate, a substance is then applied to the entire body through the blood, as reported by the NY Daily News (08/03).

When too much acetate present in the bloodstream, acetate acts as an energy source for the body that normally use sugar.

People who consume large amounts of alcohol had higher levels of acetate sufficient to convert into energy. While people are drinking less alcohol still have to rely on sugar for energy.

Furthermore, researchers will conduct a study to see whether the acetate can be used to remove a person’s addiction to alcohol.