Drinking hot chocolate before bed is potent prevent senility

Drinking hot chocolate before bed is potent prevent senility

Who does not like a cup of hot chocolate? The taste is sweet and delicious of course you will not easily forget. Especially when you drink it in the middle of the cold air. A cup of thick hot chocolate will instantly warm up your body.

Behind the delicious taste, hot chocolate in fact able to keep you from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in your old age. The findings were published online in the journal Nature Neuroscience explains that the main ingredient in chocolate can improve your memory.

“The content of antioxidants in chocolate called flavanol was able to strengthen your brain cells. In addition, the chocolate may help blood flow to the brain so that your brain will be healthier,” explained the researchers at Columbia University Medical Centre in the United States.

Previously, the researchers conducted the study by taking a sample of 37 people aged 50-69 years to prove the benefits of flavanols and brain function. They also found that study participants who ate chocolate with high doses on a regular basis, decreased symptoms of dementia.

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