Drinking juice can ruin a diet program?


Drinking juice can ruin a diet programBritish supermarket dietitian named Tesco recently signed up some of foods that are usually considered healthy, but turns out could destroy a diet program, one of which is juice.

As reported by the Daily Mail, in addition to juice, olive oil, chicken, dried fruit, and low-fat crackers are other foods that can widen the waistline.

“Maybe you think that fruit or vegetable juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, but remember that in it also contains sugar. Fact, some of the juice is as sweet as soda,” said Catherine Matthews, a nutritionist from Tesco.

While yogurt, biscuits, and snacks with low-fat labels also should not be consumed casually, especially if you’re on a diet. Because usually the food product manufacturers replace fat with sugar to enrich the flavor.

However, research results that are more surprising is that chicken is one food that could threaten diet program.

“How to cook chicken meat must correct. Because if it is fried, fat can increase because it is contaminated with oil,” added Matthews.

Experts have always said that fruit and vegetable juice is not as nutritious as real fruit and vegetables. In addition, fruits and vegetables  processed into juice usually secrete high amounts of sugar compounds. So do not be surprised if excessive juice consumption can actually damage your diet program.