Drinking milk is not always healthy for the body?


milkMilk is a drink that is rich in protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Although milk is recommended to be consumed every day, but nutrition experts from Children’s Hospital Boston said that the nature of milk is not always healthy for the body. How can that be?

“Health Department recommends that Americans drink three glasses of milk every day. I think it’s not necessary,” said nutrition expert David Ludwig.

Ludwig explained that in addition to protein, vitamin D, and calcium, milk also contains fat. While the choice of low-fat milk also can not be called healthy. Because most of the fat is replaced by sugar to enrich the flavor. So do not be surprised if excessive milk consumption could widen waistline.

“There are many other foods that can be a source of protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Examples are green vegetables, whole grains, and beans,” Ludwig said, as quoted by Health Today.

Meanwhile, Ludwig mentions that milk consumption does not need to be reduced, especially for small children. Because they still need a high intake of nutrients and other sources – such as green vegetables – are not necessarily liked by kids.

“Maybe a milk that is a healthful is low-fat, but it should also contain no  sugar,” advises other nutritionist, Madelyn Fernstrom.

Another option to get a variety of nutritional intake is by changing the consumption of cow’s milk to soy milk or almond. In essence, a balance diet still needs to be considered to be able to feel the benefits of milk completely.