Drinking smoothies causes diabetes


Drinking smoothies causes diabetesSmoothies or a type of juice drinks consisting of similar vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods are often regarded as a healthy food alternative. So many diet methods advises their followers to drink smoothies too stay full.

But does drinking smoothies really make the body become more healthy?

As reported by dailymail, it turns out that drinking smoothies can actually harm health. Especially smoothies which consists only of fruit and other artificial sweeteners.

This study found that fructose, sugars hidden in smoothies are able to trigger the growth of fatty substances in your heart. It is also able to cause diabetes. Because the human body basically does not have a high capacity to digest fructose.

Drinking smoothies is able to improve the health of the body. But you have to be careful with the content of fructose in fruit that you use to make smoothies. Mix the healthy ingredients you use to maximum the healthy benefits.