Drinking Tea Habit Reduce Risks of Osteoporosis


drink teaThe benefits of tea has been more often associated with the content of antioxidants in it that can inhibit cancer and aging process. But drinking tea on a regular basis also provides other benefits, one of which it to prevent bone loss.

A recent study in Taiwan proved that i women who often drinks tea are less often affected by osteoporosis. The research conducted by experts from Cheng Kung University, was published in the Taiwan Journal of Family Medicine.

Led by Dr. Chang Ying-fan, this study involved 368 adult women, with an average age of 65 years old. According to Timeslive, 60 of them have a habit of drinking tea on a daily basis while the remaining 308 rarely or only occasionally drinks tea.

Based on the results of examination of bone and filling out questionnaire, 46.7 percent of women who drank tea as a habit gets osteoporosis in old age. The number is small compared with the group who rarely drank tea, which is 63.3 per cent.

Dr Ying-fan believes that at least there are 2 components in tea that is beneficial, which are fluoride which can inhibit bone loss and flavonoids that increases bone mass density. In addition, polyphenols and tannin compounds are believed to contribute to maintaining bone density.

This finding is contrary to the opinion of several experts who say that tea is as dangerous as coffee, because it triggers bone loss. The opinion was based on the nature of the caffeine content in tea and coffee affects calcium in bone through urine.

Benefits of tea for bone was also stated previously by researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In that study, 3 component of green tea which proved to have benefits in maintaining bone density is epigallocatechin (EGC), gallocatechin (GC) and gallocatechin gallate (GCG).

Osteoporosis is a type of bone damage suffered by most women especially after menopause. The damage is triggered by a reduction in bone density, so the bones are more prone to cracks and fractures, especially in the hip, wrist and spine.