Drinking Water Helps People Lose Weight


drink water for weight lossIf your diet program is a mess because it is difficult for you to control appetite, you can try to increase the consumption of water. A study revealed that consumption of at least eight glasses of water a day can help reduce weight.

According to the Times of India, the author of “The Snowbird Diet”, Professor Donald S Roberston, says that water helps erode fat in the body naturally.

Roberston presents the results of a research that revealed that the fat in the body will increase when consuming less water. Instead, drinking lots of water can reduce levels of fat in the body.

All of it is related to the adequacy of water for the kidneys. Less water intake in the body would make the kidneys not function properly. As a result, some content in the kidney will migrate to the liver which is in charge of processing the fat reserves into energy for the body.

But, when the liver must also cultivate the content of the kidney, its function becomes not maximal. It definitely helps create a disturbed fat metabolism. Fat will accumulate and lead to weight gain.

Z Mara Vitolins, a nutritionist from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center also agrees with studies that says water is a natural appetite reliever. “Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between thirst and hunger, so try to drink first and wait 20-30 minutes to read the body if it’s really hungry,” he said to the Science Daily.