Drinking Water Helps You Loose Weight


drink water loose weightMany people believe that drinking while eating can interfere with digestion and lead to obesity. The fact is not always the case, because eating which is interspersed with drinking water can actually help you lose weight.

As long as it is not added with syrup or sugar, water (H2O) is a compound free of calories. Even taken together with food, water will not provide extra calories so it will not cause obesity.

Not only that, drinking water actually causes the stomach to feel full faster. According to MSN Health, this causes decreased in appetite, thus avoiding the possibility of eating excessive portions.

This theory was proven in a study published in the Obesity journal in 2007. In people aged 55 years and over, the habit of drinking 0.5 liters of water before meals can reduce weight by 44 percent within 12 weeks.

Another study said, water can increase thermogenesis or metabolism of calories into energy. No matter before or after eating, drinking 0.5 liters of room temperature effective to increase metabolism by 30 percent in the first 10-30 minutes afterward.

Related to this, speculation which is developed by the experts is that the body needs more energy to raise the temperature of the water they drink at room temperature to conform to the body temperature. In adults, this process takes an average of 29 calories of energy.

As for the digestive system, there is no scientific evidence that water can trigger the disorder. In the breaking down food into nutrients process that can be absorbed by the body, the presence of water in the digestive tract will help.

Water as a medium to dissolve some components of dietary nutrients, and thus more easily absorbed by the intestinal wall. If it is balanced with proper diet, drinking water while eating is good to lose weight.