Drinks to Overcome Stress


drink milkWhen we are trapped in the busyness of everyday life, stress can easily come. You can not let stress prevent you from completing your job. To reduce or eliminate stress, try to enjoy the following five drinks.

1. Warm milk
When you are feeling bored and tired, drink a glass of warm milk. The tryptophan content in milk will go through process of metabolism and becomes serotonin which functions to improve mood. Then, the content of calcium, magnesium and potassium can reduce increased blood pressure because of stress.

2. Hot chocolate
Warm drinks will increase your body temperature and can lead to comfort. Content of substances in chocolate can also make your mood more stable.

3. Black tea
Change the habit of drinking coffee during stress, replace it with black tea. A research by a team from University College London, England, showed that drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks reduces cortisol hormone which triggers stress.

4. Green tea
Green tea contains theanin, which enhances relaxation in the brain. It increases alpha waves which cause a calming effect and reduce betha the wave that creates a depressed feeling.

5. Cold water
Cold water can also be used to reduce stress. But, after drinking make sure you walk outdoors and breathe fresh air. Water will move the blood and fresh air stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones which relieves stress.