Drug to relieve insomnia is founded


Researchers revealed that they had founded drugs to relieve insomnia. This medicine will add hours of sleep for people with insomnia.

Researchers analyzed 254 people aged 18-64 years old who have insomnia but do not have other diseases. Participants were then divided into two groups. One group was given the new drug, while the other group was given a placebo.

This drug named suvorexant inhibits the production orexin  chemical in the brain that cause a person to be awake. Meanwhile, other insomnia drugs have targets on different brain regions.

With this drug, researchers claimed that people with insomnia will get an extra hour of sleep five to 13 percent, as reported by the Third Age.

Joseph Herring, lead researcher, said that suvorexant may be one strategy to overcome insomnia.

Currently suvorexant is already registered in the FDA for approval and to be marketed.