Drugs To Prevent Prostate Cancer



A drug test to overcome the problem of prostate enlargement in men turns out to be effective to prevent the disease  to developing into cancer.

Four years’ of probation on dutasteride drug involving 6500 men’s shows, those who took dutasteride has a 23 percent lower risk of prostate cancer compared with those taking placebo pills.

All respondents in the study were at high risk for cancer. Actually, the potential drugs of this type have previously been known to prevent prostate cancer. In 2003, scientists showed similar drug, Finasteride, which can reduce cancer risk by a quarter on healthy men who have aggressive tumors.

Both types of drug, Finasteride and dutasteride, are prescribed by doctors for men who have an enlarged prostate gland that are benign. Enlarged prostate gland commonly experienced by men who are aging with symptoms such as frequent urination and pain during urination.

In the last drug test conducted by GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of dutasteride, are known to the men at high risk for cancer, based on results of blood tests, but the disease does not develop into cancer.

During the study, respondents were given daily dutasteride or placebo. In this research period, a total of 659 men taking the drugs affected by prostate cancer and 858 men from the group given placebo pills.

In men who have a family history of prostate cancer, the drug was noted to reduce cancer risk by 31 percent. The researchers believe that most tumors detected during previous studies may already exist, but in a small size so it can not be detected.

Although the drug is likely to be cancer-suppressing drugs, experts argue that the research is still needed much longer. “Of course we do not know what will happen with the respondent in the future, whether they will get cancer or not. That is why, it takes a longer time,” said Dr Helen Rippon, chairman of researchers from The Prostate Cancer Charity, UK, in response to results of this research.