E-cigarettes cannot help you quit smoking?



Health tips – E-cigarettes have become the buzz of the town among those who want to quit smoking but can electronic cigarettes be rightfully called as quit smoking devices, that’s a big question. Overnight e-cigarettes in Australia sprung up as a huge industry and were initially considered as the perfect solution to quitting dangerous smoking.

Although electronic cigarette is not a cigarette, it comforts your cravings for nicotine. But is it the only option? Below listed are some points that would help you to make an informed decision as to whether you should buy electronic cigarettes or not.

Almost the same thing:

E-cigarettes are quite the same as the other nicotine replacement products and falls under the same class as nicotine patches and gums. It works as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy but will show the same problems in the same vein as other nicotine products and other nicotine replacement techniques. So it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that it plays a role of band-aid to soothe your urge for nicotine for some time.

Safe but not 100%:

E-cigarettes in Australia are not 100% safe for health and do contain toxic effects but obviously lesser than the conventional ones. Although they are safer than real cigarettes they are still dangerous for health. After all it contains tobacco, which causes several health problems. Besides, the amount of nicotine delivered can vary from one device to another due to differences in how perfectly the nicotine vaporizes. Perhaps the dose delivered may be inconsistent or wrong and does not match the level of nicotine as mentioned on the liquid container.

E-liquid used in electronic cigarettes contains nicotine:

Electronic Cigarettes make use a liquid used for producing vapors and is often called as e-liquid. This liquid is a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol 400 and sometimes nicotine too. However the variable concentration of nicotine in e-liquid is comparatively very less than in regular cigarettes which make electronic cigarettes a better option than the traditional ones.

Not as handy as other nicotine products:

As the name suggests electronic cigarette runs on electricity therefore they are to be charged time and again. So if you want to smoke you need to ensure that your cigarette is duly charged whereas for nicotine patches, gums and other nicotine replacement products, this is not the case. They are very handy and can be consumed anytime without any formalities like in e-cigarettes.

Only willpower works:

If you want to quit smoking, one sure shot way to do that would be willpower. Needless to mention, smoking does a lot of bad things to health and if you know that by smoking cigarettes you are doing the wrong thing, it would become an easy job to give up smoking.

Hence strong will power along with a promise to you will stomp out your urge for cigarettes forever and you will never go back. For getting raw willpower you can read certain quit smoking books and you will realize that how easy it becomes for you to quit smoking.

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