Early Signs of Dementia


DementiaEarly stages of dementia and the variety of its causes is often difficult to detect. However, some symptoms can be recognized as a sign that someone is starting to have dementia.

Dementia is a cognitive disorder because of reduced brain function in elder people. This disorder have an impact on intelligence, memory, language, problem solving, orientation, and concentration.

Here are some early signs of dementia according to the Telegraph:

1. Often misplace things.

2. Experience difficulty in performing daily activities, like preparing food and put it on the table but forgot to eat it.

3. Disorientation (confusion direction) in general
Like not recognizing the way to a place you often go or difficulty in remembeing time

4. Difficulty finding and using the right words to express something.

5. Decreased ability to take decisions.
For example choosing to wear a jacket when the weather is hot or less alert to the threat of danger.

6. Troubled by mood and behavior similar to symptoms of depression.
For example angry, irritable, and not caring about personal hygiene.