Earwax is influenced by race!


Earwax is influenced by raceEarwax is a slimy liquid that naturally arise in the ear and works to remove dirt from inside the ear. So far, not much research had examines earwax. But recently researchers found that earwax is different in every race.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Monell Center revealed that the organic matter in the earwax of Caucasians are more than the people of Asia. The organic matter is associated with odor production of earwax. So in other words, earwax Caucasians have more odor than Asians.

“Our previous research revealed that odor can indicate a lot of information about a person, including personal identity, gender, sexual orientation, and health. So we think that earwax may also store the same information,” said researcher George Preti, as reported by the Huffington Post.

Researchers also found that Asians, together with the race of Native Americans (Indians) have genes that cause them to have a fairly dry earwax with less odor. While Caucasians have more wet and yellowish brown earwax.

Results of this study was published in the Journal of Chromatography B. Researchers observed earwax from eight healthy Caucasians and eight healthy Asians. They heat the wax obtained for 30 minutes and examined organic matter in it.

12 kinds of organic substances in earwax of participants were found. However, the rate and amount of organic matter is different between Caucasian and Asian people. Caucasians have a higher rate on the 11 organic substances contained in earwax.