Easily feel tired? Be careful of the possibility of cancer


Easily feel tired

Tiredness normally occurs when your body do a lot of activities without any pause for a break. Fatigue can also be a result of the tired brain because of thinking. The brain has the ability to decrease as much thought and finally ordered the other body parts of the brain to rest. Therefore you will instantly relax so the body feels tired.

But do you still feel tired after resting with good quantity and quality? Be careful, because it could be one of the symptoms of cancer.

A study, reported by dailymail.co.uk revealed that a man in the UK often experience outstanding fatigue. They  also check the condition of the body to health professionals and revealed that the content of iron in the body is low. After investigation, decreased iron due to inflammation or inflammation in the body is due to the growth of cancer cells.

“Cancer cells are capable of causing bleeding in the body, especially when you grow cancer cells. Thus, the supply of blood and oxygen throughout the body would be disturbed. As a result you will feel easily tired, not excited, and the appearance of the skin that is not bright blush,” said Dr. John Mason , a cancer consultant at Central Manchester University Hospitals.

“That’s why when you feel that you begin to feel tired severe and for no apparent reason, then you should consult you. Are you just have anemia which makes the body fatigue or anemia occurs because of the presence of cancer cells in the body,” he advised.