Easy Brain Exercise in the Morning


morning brain exerciseMany ways can be done to start the days to be excited, one way is by doing a simple brain exercises in the morning. Exercising the brain in the morning can help you feel more ready for the day and also increase the energy and excitement.

Exercise the brain a few minutes before leaving the bedroom to shower or while dressing up can build your mind and senses to be ready to do the activities and routines throughout the day. Exercises can include physical exercise, mental or a combination of both.

Here some simple brain exercises that can be done in the morning, according to livestrong.

1. Singing while doing other activities
Singing or humming while you’re dressed or preparing breakfast can be a workout that stimulates the brain to ‘wake up’ in the morning.

This exercise can increase the number of dendrites or nerve cell line in the brain that allows the brain to function, so it enables more than one function sensors that can stimulate brain activity.

2. Change routines
According to Lawrence Katz, professor of Neurobiology at Duke University Medical Center, changing routines and new ways of living can activate the brain connections which were previously inactive.

Exercises that can be done for example, if you always go the bathroom when you wake up, then change it into drinking a cup of coffee first, brush your teeth before dressing or try a new breakfast menu that has never been tried before.

3. Simple Exercise
Physical exercise can improve brain health, because it can increase blood flow to the brain. Perform a simple exercise, such as stretching, yoga, cycling, jogging or walking.

According to the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, physical training can improve attention, reasoning and memory.

4. Sensation Exercise
Involve brain in a movement after waking up and before you get out of bed. Starting from the feet, move your finger, calf muscle contraction and then tighten the knee.

Focus on how the muscles feel when you move. Body motion would instruct the brain to focus on various parts of the body until it reaches the face. Tightened lips, wrinkle nose and then raise eyebrows to stimulate the brain and internal organs.