Easy Tips to Prevent Acne



Avoiding acne in a simple and easy way may sound a little far stretched, doesn’t it? Most people believe that acne can’t be cured or prevented. But let us tell you some information by which one can be very certain that one can prevent or cure it.

The main factors that causes acne are: excess sebum production, blocked pores and infection in sebum and gland. Let’s suppose one doesn’t care about control of production of sebum. After all, there isn’t much that one can do regarding that which it is hormonal. One focuses his/her attention on the blockage of glands. Removal of the blocks should be done daily. If that is done, the surplus sebum will every time go off on skin and might never get contaminated. One’s target should be to maintain that the pores are open. What causes blockage of the pores? Pores get blocked because of the skin’s dead cells, which usually get shed physically but mount up on the gland’s mouth and block it.

Is it possible to remove dead cells every day? That question may come up in everyone’s head. Using material that sheds the top skin layers is best suited. Using products that liquefy the cement or binds of dead skin cells is required. Peel off the topmost layers of dead cells. Liquefy the bonds among dead cells and they should be made weak so they can be simply washed away. Using retinoids like tretinoin and using AHA like glycolic acid regularly can do this simply. You should consult to a doctor in skin specialist or dermatologist regarding this. Once the pores are kept open, one will be efficiently stopping acne’s production. I hope it would help you in preventing acne grows on your face.