Easy Ways For Your Body To Be Immune To Diseases


sauna boost immune systemThere are many ways to boost the immune system. Not just by exercising and eating-nutritious food. If you are vulnerable to sickness, try the following five exciting ways to make your immune system better, according to care2.

1. Kiss
Kissing can help you ward off flu virus. With a kiss, you are exchanging bacteria that can increase the body’s natural immunity. So, do not waste the opportunity to kiss your partner. Besides that, making love can also increase the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is a protein that makes bacterial pathogens (a trigger of diseases) does not develop into disease.

2. Listening to music
Studies show that listening to music also enhances the production of IgA proteins. But to get this benefit, you must listen to jazz, bluegrass or soft rock for 30 minutes. Especially when it comes to pain and stress. Even after you no longer listen to music, IgA production persists for 30 minutes.

3. Fast Walking
Studies show walking quickly while carrying a stone for 45 minutes for four days or more in one week can boost immunity and reduce the frequency of pain. If are not able carry the load, just walk fast, but do not run.

4. Do not exhale too hard
When you’re sick, you tend to get nasal congestion. Instead of satisfying the desire to blow it out it is better to consume or, remove mucus one by one, right or left nostril nose first. That’s because a hard blow can push mucus into the sinuses and may make it more sore.

5. Sauna
The same with drinking lots of water, a sauna bath serves to remove toxins in the body or detoxification. Toxin buildup in the body if left unchecked can make your immune system decline and even susceptible to disease.